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A  Judeo-Christian song  acknowledging  human  imper-
fection  and  imploring   redemption  from  the  Almighty. Arranged  for  men's chorus in a doo-wop style and sung by the Walt Disney World ensemble "Four for a Dollar." Special thanks to Justin Idle.  See lyrics!
This piece shows-off the magnificent sonic, spatial, and rhythmic capabilities of the modern pipe organ.  It is fun to  perform and sure to  mesmerize  organists and  non-
organists  alike  with  its  flamboyant  interplay  between manuals. 2:50 - mp3 format - 128 kbps - 2.8 Mb Music!
  Originally written for Jay Leno and The Tonight Show as  an  on-air  promo, this  lilting,  infectious  melody  can  be performed  in any number of styles  and  makes a perfect instrumental solo  or accompanied  vocalise.  See lyrics!
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